Is Climate Change Affecting Philadelphia's Real Estate ?

While most scientists agree that climate change is happening, there are areas of debate. One area of debate is, What is happening in "my backyard"? In Philadelphia sixteen of the seventeen warmest years in history have occurred between 2001 and 2017. However, Philadelphia residents and homeowners know that winter's freezing […] Read more »

The Reason Homeowners Keep Paying Their Mortgage on Underwater Homes

The damage done by the 2007-2010 sub-prime mortgage crisis and related frauds continues to haunt Americans. During that period many homeowners lost their jobs and subsequently lost their homes through foreclosure because of an inability to pay their mortgages. Other homeowners found themselves unable to pay when their adjustable rate […] Read more »

Home Value - How To Value Your Home

The easiest way to determine home value is to hire an appraiser. Generally this will cost $350 to $700 to value your home. But if you prefer a more economical alternative we will present one below. At Dr Cash Home Buyers we approach home value as an investor. The first […] Read more »