Cities With The Biggest Houses In USA

A recent Lending Tree study analyzed the sizes of houses throughout the country. New houses are being added to the housing stock every year but their numbers are small compared to the total number of houses. However, new houses tend to be larger so over time one should expect median […] Read more »

Is A Real Estate Investor Right for You?

We have all seen the signs at intersections: “Cash Home Buyers”, “Joe Buys Houses”, “Avoid Foreclosure”, with phone numbers or a catchy web address. Who are they and what do they really do? These are real estate investors (aka wholesalers), a company or person who contracts with a home seller […] Read more »

Residential Property Analysis

Real estate professionals, including home buyers and investors, rely on a few common calculations to quickly gauge the value or attractiveness of a property. Below are a few of the tools used for residential property analysis. These tools can also be used for commercial property analysis. Return on Investment (ROI) […] Read more »

Home Foreclosure Trends

Foreclosures of homes is a key indicator of the health of the U.S. housing market. Home foreclosures occur when a homeowner fails to pay his / her mortgage payments and the lending institution forecloses on the property to reclaim ownership. Below we have some home foreclosure trends in the USA. […] Read more »

Dr Cash Home Buyers Opens Las Vegas Office

This spring Dr Cash Home Buyers opened their office in Las Vegas, NV.  It is an ideal location because of the high turnover of housing in the area.  People are particularly mobile these days and that includes the personnel working at the two Air Force bases near the city.  A […] Read more »

Report Mortgage Fraud

Anyone can report mortgage fraud, other fraud, waste, or gross mismanagement of operations at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). There is a process for reporting and the reporter can request confidentiality. The Office of Investigation (OIG) is part of HUD and is responsible for law enforcement at […] Read more »